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Why Rejection is Good

on January 19, 2012

As a writer rejection comes with the territory. It took me a long time to understand that rejection was good for me. (I’m still learning).

Rejection started for me at a early age- way before I was a writer. When I would come home crying that a boy at school didn’t like me, my mother would say, “That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla.” As in some people like one thing, some people like another.

Since I turned 21 I have amended this statement to: “That’s why there’s chocolate and vodka.” As in I eat and drink a lot of it when I get rejected.

That aside, here are the reasons why rejection is good:

1. It lets you know what you’re doing wrong. If you’re lucky the people who reject you will tell you why. (I make voodoo dolls out of people who do not)

2. It lets you know what you’re doing right. If you’re lucky people will tell you what they like even though they rejected you. (I loooove these people)

3. It lets you know that you need to work harder. Usually you do. Usually rejection is not about talent at all, but about trying again and again and again. (It took me 5 years, two agents and an unknown number of publishers to sell my “first” novel)

4. It gives you motivation. There is nothing better than the push that comes from someone rejecting your work.(well after you eat chocolate and drink vodka and lick your wounds) It makes you want to show them and yourself that you can do it!

5. It makes small successes sweeter.

What would you add?

Someone please send this to me when I get my first bad review, along with a case of chocolate and vodka 😉

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One response to “Why Rejection is Good

  1. Excellent post! I have nothing to add to your list, apart from a wee saying: “what’s for you, won’t go by you”. Another thing to think about upon being rejected!

    Looking forward to your future blog posts, Lisa 🙂

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