Lisa Burstein

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on February 7, 2012

Hi Guys,

Here’s a short exchange between Cassie and Amy after they find out their dates have stood them up for Prom. Hope you enjoy!

“She’s so fucking clueless,” Cassie said, plopping down on the grass. She pulled out a handful of blades and burned them with her lighter. “Maybe he’ll come home if I burn his house down.”

I nodded. Not that I wanted her to burn his house down, but a small grass fire might attract some attention.

“This is so typical,” she said, lighting a cigarette. “I didn’t even want to go. Fucking Lila.”

“We don’t know they’re not coming,” I said. I wasn’t ready to let myself believe that this was going to be my memory of prom night for the rest of my life.

“Well, maybe we don’t,” she said, taking a long drag, “but I do.”

I stared at my nails. I had painted them in the same light blue as my dress. I thought about how the nail polish was still sitting on my nightstand, how when I got home I would scrub my nails raw and throw it away.

We looked up, startled by a crash that came from the back of the house.

Cassie shook her head. “You should never climb a trellis in heels.”

“You think Lila’s breaking in?”

She grabbed another handful of grass and lit it up. “You know what would be classic?” she asked, smiling like she was trying to keep a bird from flying out from behind her teeth. “She finds him in there with some other girl.” She watched me for a moment, gauging my reaction. “Don’t tell me that wouldn’t make you happy.”

It would have, so I didn’t.


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