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on March 13, 2012

Well guys, here’s the teaser for this week. The girls won by almost double in the poll. Enjoy!

This is from prom night while they are getting ready at Lila’s house.

“You need more eye shadow.” Lila pushed me down into her seat. Once she got going it was hard to stop her, and before I knew it, she had redone my whole face.

Rather than the soft, natural effect I’d had when I arrived, after Lila was done I looked like I was ready to go up onstage. Not the way people onstage look when they’re actually onstage, but the way they look when you see them close up before or afterward.

“Much better,” she said, stepping back to appraise her work. I knew how I wanted to respond, but instead, I responded how I usually did when it came to something I didn’t agree with. I said nothing.

I wondered if she had done this on purpose, like some bride/bridesmaid thing. Lila did act like a bride at a wedding that never ended. She always had to be the most beautiful, the most interesting, and in this case, the least likely to be mistaken for a blind prostitute.

Cassie threw open the bedroom door and entered the room looking like the photo on a slutty Halloween Devil costume, all fire-engine red and skin and cleavage.

“Wow,” we both said. Well, really I said it, but I could see Lila’s mouth open to make a word and stop in a perfect O. I’d never seen Cassie in anything other than an oversize flannel shirt and cargo pants. She usually dressed like a lumberjack— it might have been part of the reason Lila put up with her.

That night, it was obvious that Cassie was far too attractive to be as crabby as she was. Maybe that was why she always tried so hard to hide it.

She lit a cigarette. “I know, I know,” she said, exhaling, “I look like the lead singer of a Vegas lounge act. My brother already told me.”

“Not at all,” Lila said, looking to me like a combination of shocked and jealous. I nodded in agreement. I was shocked and jealous. At Brian’s house later, two boys would have two girls to choose from. The way Cassie looked that night, she would be chosen first. I would be the one who was left, as usual, but that is the arithmetic that equals love in high school.

“Turn around,” Lila said, walking toward her and reaching for her dress.

“Fuck off,” Cassie said, pushing her away. “You can see my ass on the way out.”

Cassie pointed at me with the tip of her cigarette. “What the hell did you do to her face?”

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One response to “PRETTY AMY TEASER TUESDAY- the winner!

  1. Ryann Murphy says:

    Gah! So catty and fun!
    So happy I voted for a great teaser 🙂

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