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Lazy Post- Blog Tour Blues

on April 3, 2012

Well, I’ve kind of hit a wall with the blog. Not because I don’t have ideas, but because I have to write those ideas for other bloggers for guest posts. LOTS of guest posts for the PRETTY AMY blog tour. Which I am SUPER excited and so thankful to be doing, but has also kind of drained me blog-wise.

But I still want you guys to know I’m here! I’m writing (a new contracted book that I hope to be able to announce soon)! I’m waiting with crazy anticipation for PRETTY AMY’s release (41 days)! And I’m laughing at videos like the one below :).

Are you a blogger interested in participating in the PRETTY AMY blog tour? Email Heather Riccio You will get to put this awesome button and banner on YOUR BLOG!


4 responses to “Lazy Post- Blog Tour Blues

  1. Yay!!!! sooo exciting 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Must e-mail your publicist. I want in on the blog tour! 🙂 Also, Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you for having a Jewish main character…I feel like we’re underrepresented in YA culture. 🙂 (Another minority missing, sigh, along with ethnicity)

  3. rachel says:

    Hey! I just joined the Tour! I’m really excited to do it! I adore your book’s cover! The dress reminds me so much of my Bat Mitzvah Dress!

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