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PRETTY AMY- availability FAQ

on April 27, 2012

Ok, so I have been getting a lot of questions about if/when PRETTY AMY will be available, where and in what formats, so here is a handy dandy FAQ to help my dear readers out!

1. Is PRETTY AMY on sale now? I thought it was coming out May 15th?

Yes, at some online it retailers is in stock and on sale! Because of strong pre-orders  Amazon, Barnes and and Book Depository are all selling and shipping NOW!

2. Well what about May 15th?

May 15th is still the in store date and the date kindle and nook copies will be available. It will also be the date it goes live on all international amazon sites.

3. Is it true that I can get 25 entries in your Designer Dress and Sephora gift card giveaway if I email you a copy of my purchase receipt?

It IS! This counts for Pre-order as well as any sales now! See the contest here .

4. Will you love me forever if I buy PRETTY AMY?

Why yes, yes I will.


Any other questions please leave them in the comments below. 🙂



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2 responses to “PRETTY AMY- availability FAQ

  1. susan says:

    Lisa–I guess this means you love me–you really love me!

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