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What PRETTY AMY is and isn’t

on May 29, 2012

Hey Gang! I know it’s been a while since I posted here and I apologize. My blog tour has left me empty of posts, but with that winding down this week, I thought I might write a short one to get back in the swing.

In looking at some of the reader comments on my blog tour (which has been amazing THANK YOU), I’ve realized that PRETTY AMY may seem to be a completely different book that it really is. Basing a book by it’s cover and all that. (Albeit a GORGEOUS cover). So here is what I think PRETTY AMY is and is not.

PRETTY AMY is not:

1. Fluffy- I know the cover shows a pretty girl in a dress, but if you look closer you realize she is in a jail cell.

2. About prom- It starts on prom night, but PRETTY AMY is really about a lost girl finding herself. (Think: Story of a Girl, Cracked up to Be)

3. Preachy- It is about drug use and bad decisions, but it never says why or how they are right or wrong. It lets readers decide that for themselves.


1. The book of my heart- This is the book I wished I had in high school. It is the book I used to get out all the feelings I had about high school.

2. Deep and Emotional- This is a book that makes people think and feel, both good and bad.

3. Authentic- Again and again reviewers are astonished by Amy’s realness. I can only say this comes from the book being the book of my heart.

I’d love to hear in the comments how and if PRETTY AMY surprised you. :).

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2 responses to “What PRETTY AMY is and isn’t

  1. I STILL have to read Pretty Amy! It looks absolutely AMAZING and I have to get it ASAP! It sounds like such an inspirational book, though!

  2. I got PRETTY AMY for my goddaughter (who is 14), as well as the 18 YO niece of a close friend. One thing that I love about the book is that it *isn’t* preachy. The book merely tells the reader, “OK, so this is what realistically happens if …” without making a moral judgment. I think that’s what kids need to be reading about — how their actions could affect their future, without feeling as though they are being morally “condemned.” I’m definitely getting this book for all of the tweens and teens in my life! 😀

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