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PRETTY AMY Summer Book Club Offer

on June 5, 2012

The past 3 weeks that PRETTY AMY has been available has been incredible. In addition to all the reader and blogger love, PRETTY AMY has been chosen for some library and school teen summer reading programs and I am so honored!

So honored, that I want to share something special with my readers who have book clubs, or want to create one.

For the months of June, July & August, if your book club of at least four-people (you and your friends, mother & daughters, your workmates) reads PRETTY AMY, I will do a 30 minute phone Q&A with you at your meeting and send you signed bookplates and bookmarks! Yes, me, on the phone answering questions. Yes awesome signed bookplates and bookmarks!

Some questions you might ask:

1. Why did you make Amy’s mother so horrible?

2. Did you really know anyone like Lila and Cassie?

3. What was the metaphor you were hoping to portray with Amy’s parrot?

OR anything you can think of! You can also just spend the time telling me how much you loved or hated the book and why!

Simply contact me via my website if your Book Club is interested!


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Read the first chapter here


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