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PRETTY AMY gets some Author LOVE!

on June 10, 2012

Pretty Amy

PRETTY AMY recently received some super-duper blurbs from some super-awesome authors! So excited to share! I know most author blurbs come out when the book comes out, or even before, but well, AMY doesn’t do anything the way she is supposed to do it, so why would her book?

Co-editor of the upcoming Dear Teen Me Anthology, E. Kristin Anderson says: “Lisa Burstein has one of the most refreshingly real YA voices I’ve read in years.  If you’re looking for a helluva trip that begins with an imploding prom night, cruises through the murky waters of the wrong side of the law, bad boys, tough love, and toxic friendship, and ends up with all the right surprises, please get your hands on a copy of Pretty Amy – STAT! ”

Um yay! Dear Teen Me is a personal favorite website of mine and I can’t wait for the book to come out. The fact that the creator of Dear Teen Me thinks so highly of PRETTY AMY means a lot, considering PRETTY AMY is kind-of like a Dear Teen Me Letter in novel form ;).

Author of Almost Anne Eliot says: “In PRETTY AMY, Lisa Burstein has masterfully captured the private heart and soul of what it means–exactly how it hurts–and how vulnerable life is for teen girls. Girls who live in a constant storm fueled by self-doubt, disconnected parents, twisted friendships and normal rebellion all wrapped up in a craving need for love and acceptance. Burstein’s writing is beautifully raw and hyper-real. PRETTY AMY will shock you, make you laugh, cry, yell, cheer, look in the mirror and examine your own friendships as you relate to one or more of the unforgettable characters in this story.”

Have you read Almost? It is heart-wrenching, powerful, amazing and I am so flattered that Anne felt so strongly about PRETTY AMY to be willing to not only read it herself and provide a blurb, but read it with her daughter who gave it a 5-STAR REVIEW ! It proves it is a book mother’s and daughters can read together as well as a book that can touch women of any age.

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2 responses to “PRETTY AMY gets some Author LOVE!

  1. Rachel says:

    I LOVED Pretty Amy & Lisa I love those blurbs. I also wanted to let you know that I went to the Union Square B&N in NYC and talked up AMY to the saleswoman. I told her what a great read it was and that it would be great for girls looking for not so sweet prom stories 😉 I can’t wait for DEAR CASSIE. – Rachel from Rachel Writes Things (we did an interview on your blog tour about Jewish protags)

  2. thank you so much!!!! so nice of you 😀

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