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How have people found my blog, with highlights on faves.

on June 29, 2012

I always think its fun to look at search terms for my blog, especially when they are WAY out there. Below is a list of all the search terms people have used to “find” my blog since I started it in March. I’ve highlighted the ones below that I find particularly snicker-inducing- in red and explained the ones in blue.


Search Views
lisa burstein- IT’S MY NAME 😉 39
princess birthday cake- When I was planning my book launch- I wanted a cake made with a barbie in a prom dress- I posted this pic. There are several variations on this one. 13
pretty amy 12
princess doll cake 11
lisa burstein blog 6
lisa burstein agent 6
pretty amy blog tour 5
why rejection is good for you 4
princess doll cake ideas 4
inbetween tara fuller 4
pretty amy cover reveal 4
lisa burstein ya scavenger hunt 4
ass female 4
doll birthday cakes 3
birthday cake themes for newly married women 3
princess doll cake images 3
female singer songwriters 2012- I wrote a blog post about female singer-songwriters and how they applied to PRETTY AMY 3
princess cake ideas 3
pretty amy by lisa burstein 3
lisa burstein blog tour 3
magic city girls 3
birthday cake and princess 3
rejection is good 3
princess birthday cakes 3
how to hide books on kindle- I posted this as a video when I couldn’t think of a blog post 3
luminosity stephanie thomas pdf 2 2
author sara leighwalsh 2
how to hide books on your kindle 2
baby birthday princess dress card 2
lisa burstein pretty amy 2
cake princess doll 2
kick ass female singers 2
lisa burstein pretty amy pdf- Looking for pirated copies of my book. 2
how to hide kindle books 2
good books for teenagers 2012- HELL YEAH! 😉 2
princess dress birthday cake 2
jessica shirvington ya scavenger hunt- I hosted Jessica Shirvington on the YA scavenger hunt this Spring :). 2
amy teaser 2
jessica shirvington 2
teenage female singer songwriters 2012 2
pretty amy book 2
gravity melissa west teasers 2
teen cheer books- Just cuz AMY is NOT about a cheerleader- like at all. 2
doll birthday cake pictures 2
lazy post- i had a post titled this- as a search term, I don’t get it though? 2
pretty ass women 2
birthday cake ideas for 2 year girls 2
bird birthday cake ideas- this appears to be a mixture of my cake photo and the fact that Amy has a pet bird 2
timothy olyphant 2
pretty amy by lisa burstein.pdf- People looking for pirated copies- shame, shame 2
princess doll birthday cake 2
sayings giving and getting hurt 2
princess birthday cake for kids 2
cake ideas for teenagers 2
volcano cake ideas 2
crazy amy lisa burstein- LOVE this title change 😉 2
whatapretty 2
pretty amy excerpt 2 1
embrace jessica shirvington ya scavenger hunt 1 1
writing down the bones book 1
lisa 1
editor of pretty amy- Only noticed this now- but Stacy at least 1 person is looking for you 1
gravity by melissa west excerpt 1
melissa west gravity excerpt 1
lisa bursteiner- People mangle my name constantly, but never quite like this… 1
pretty female words 1
pretty amy book lisa 1
young teen cake ideas 1
hide embarrassing books your kindle 1 1
pretty amy cover 1
liz shirvington 1
lisa burstein’s pretty amy cover reveal‏ 1
lisa burstein wordpress 1
kick butt female singers 1
kindle books hide 1
lisa burstein mfa 1
bibbity-bobbity-boo your ass 1
singer ass 1
princess birthday cakes for girls 1
the goblin king 1 1
superhero sayings 1
book why you take picture 1
pretty amy by lisa burstein/ 1
pretty amy facebook 1
pretty lisa- well why not? 😉 1
cover reveal inbetween tara 1
february 2012 win an amazon gift card 1
amy, pretty amy song 1
why rejections are good 1
“pretty amy” by lisa burstein 1
what to know for my launch date 1
solit prom fucking white big ass and comfort beautiful white girls u.s.a 1
prettily pantied teaser 1
birthday ideas for your brother 1
pretty a girl who gets arrested on prom night book- I think they meant PRETTY AMY but couldn’t remember the title 😉 1
lisa burstein perty amy 1
pretty amy lisa burstein 1
female singer songwriters 1
it’s spanx good- Spanx is mentioned in the blurb for my book 1
pretty birthday cakes for women 1
mfas for writers are crap 1
lily,, “lil” -spam -mails 1
blue princess cake 1
sweet teen feet 1
pretty amy goodreads 1
agnieszka “” 1
“episode” “peed” 1
birthday doll cake 1
pretty amy book sales- Like I don’t feel enough pressure 😉 1
lisa spanx 1
lisa burnstein blog 1
birthday cake princess 1
why rejection is good 1
hide books on kindle 1
pretty lisa birthday 1
how do you hide embarrassing books on kindle 1
teenage cakes idea 1
where can i take photos of my fetus 1
virtual book launch 1
amy chapter 1 1
novelist without an mfa 1
ya scavenger hunt jessica shirvington 1
amy ass 1
blue princess phone 1
jessica and matt shirvington buy house 1
when rejection is good 1
kick ass female songs 1
teenage birthday cake ideas 1
pretty amy query letter 1
amy chapter 1
ballerina cake ideas 1
lisa burstein pretty amy pdf download- again- NO PIRATED COPIES!!! 1
story book cake ideas 1
jessica shirvington embrace soundtrack 1
what is a virual book launch 1
summer book club reads 1
authors’ own query letters 1
melissa west redhead 2012 1
center table design for princess birthday 1
amy summer 1
how to hide a book on kindle 1
princess birthday cake ideas 1
nice books for teenagers to read- Only b/c PRETTY AMY is anything but nice 😉 1
if you like the embrace shirvington you will also like 1
birthday cake ideas boyfriend 1
صور تورتة عييد ميلاد 2012 1
embrace series in order 1
lisa burstein on twitter 1
divergent barnes and noble exclussive excerpt 1
lisa burnstein pretty amy excerpt 1
pretty amy ny journal 1
rejection is good for you 1
book launch what is in it for you? 1
cassandra m larsen car accident- Just b/c WTF???
princess cake ideas for kids 1
what my mfa taught me 1
makeup cake ideas 1
beautiful sing women ass 1
jessica shirvington deleted scenes 1
female singer, you know that 1
big ass female singers 1
how to hide books in kindle 1
pretty female asses 1
gravity melissa west excerpt 1
amy soundtrack 1
hand holding ice cream cone 1
greta and the goblin king pdf 1
a work that means strong beautful and fearless- YES- PRETTY AMY 1
when rejection is better than the unknown 1
doll birthday cake 1
do i nudge a query letter 1
rejection is good for you? 1
is an mfa necessary to be a successful screenwriter 1
virtual book launch 2012 1
kindle 4 + how to hide embarassing books 1
magazine for teenagers to read 1
lisa burnstein 1
hide books on a kindle 1
kindle share account hide books 1
pretty amy blog tour sign up 1
how to be a tv writer mfa necessary 1
pretty princess cake dress 1
pretty amy by lisa burstein pdf- STOP looking for PIRATED copies!!! Can you tell it bothers me? 1
fall of eden – the warrior back 1
lisa burstein blong 1
birthday princess cake 1
where do i buy imagesnfor my book 1
lisa burstein writing contest 1
model on goblin king cover 1
pretty ass female 1
adult girls bedroom party 1
why is rejection good 1
birthday cake design princess 1
cassie cigarette 1
second best is a book with a cover of a girl looking at herself in the mirror wearing a pink dress who is always comparing herself to the sister. 1
woman singer like amy 1
princess birthday cake ideas for girls 1
kick ass 90’s songs female singer 1
embrace jessica shirvington lincoln 1

4 responses to “How have people found my blog, with highlights on faves.

  1. Haha! Very funny. You owe a lot of traffic to princess cakes, apparently. I didn’t notice AMY BURSTEIN in there, but I’m surprised because I often want to call you Amy. But Pretty Lisa will do.

  2. susan says:

    Bippity Boppity Boo Your ass is my personal have!

  3. Laurie C says:

    This was so funny! I don’t get a lot of them, like why people want to hide books on a Kindle, but isn’t it weird what people search for??? BTW, were you procrastinating on writing when you compiled all these? 😉

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