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How a guy I dated signed my yearbook- I was a loser even then

on August 6, 2012

So it’s said that people who write YA still have a lot of teen angst to work through. I guess that must be true considering what I found when I was looking through my high school year book. I do this sometimes for story ideas, character names, etc and read what my first love wrote when he signed my yearbook.

Mind you this was a boy I kissed and did more with. This was a boy I thought totally understood me and loved me. Well, here is how he signed my yearbook two months after we broke up: (Misspellings are his)


Howdy Bud. How’s it goin. Can’t believe that summer is here. We’lle have to party a lot over the summer. I can’t believe you are leaving in August. I’m going to miss hangin with ya. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun in college though and you’lle be back home often. I hope everything works out for you.


Guy I thought I loved

What is the lesson here? I was a loser even then.

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11 responses to “How a guy I dated signed my yearbook- I was a loser even then

  1. Katee says:

    At least he didn’t sign, “When I’m a school shooter, you won’t be on my list.” Yeah….that happened. Losers unite! 😉

  2. Emmy Neal says:

    I definitely DO NOT want to go through my yearbooks. I’m pretty positive they’re filled with messages like that 😛

  3. Sometimes I ask myself, “Did getting bumped up two grades in high school cause me to miss something other than senior prom — some vital interaction with my peer group or memorable teen romance?” Then I read blog posts like this one and think, “Probably not!” 😀

  4. I guess I should be somewhat happy that my yearbooks got lost while moving. Still sad, but I bet there’s a lot of random stuff written in there that I probably wouldn’t want to see haha!!

  5. Larissa says:

    Teen boys are idiots. LOL

    I have a couple of those in my yearbooks, too. *sigh* And seriously, why did EVERYONE write “We’ll have to get together and party over the summer!”? Because, like, 90% of the people who wrote that in my yearbook? Not people I EVER partied with.

    And now I want to go back and look at my yearbooks again. *heads into the garage of doom*

  6. This kind of makes me glad I left public high school(halfway through freshman year) before the yearbooks got passed around. I’m not so sure I’d want to know what people would have written in mine. lol

  7. I think that’s actually pretty good for a teenage guy. It’s more than one word or “Have a nice summer.” :).

  8. Marian says:

    That’s pretty funny! I especially like “howdy bud”. 🙂

  9. Sara Stanton says:

    The Howdy Bud got me! At least he closed it with “love.” All the boys I had crushes on in high school NOW tell me how cool I was and how great I currently look. Uh, thanks? That didn’t help my self esteem as a teenager when I adored you and you went out with the girl who had a mustache dude!

  10. My school was made of fail. They ordered our yearbooks from a company that couldn\’t deliver them until the end of August. Needless to say, we didn\’t get them signed. I think they gave us a flimsy paper packet to have signed instead.

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