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San Francisco Book Review gives PRETTY AMY 4-stars!

on August 7, 2012

Remember that BIG REVIEW I was so excited to share with you guys, well here it is!

San Francisco Book Review has given Pretty Amy 4 -stars- (which in their speak means- “Enjoyed it, will recommend it.”) 🙂

Here’s the full review:

Pretty Amy will resonate with any teen considering or already on the wrong path. Amy has never felt like she belongs; she wasn’t popular in school and she had no real friends to speak of. Then she met Cassie and Lila and her world changed forever. She took up smoking and alienated everyone in her life. She started drinking and doing mild drugs. She finally felt as if she was someone. She was a rebel.

The girls were ditched on prom night, which made Amy’s already low self esteem hit rock bottom. Lila stole a big bag of pot from the boy who was supposed to take her to prom and the girls hit the road smoking their spoils and getting so high they didn’t have to think about being stood up. Cassie swerves and the girls are pulled over and arrested. This ends the only friendship Amy has ever had.

Amy works with her lawyer and gets a job, a volunteer position, and goes to therapy. Will her paltry attempt at looking innocent be enough to keep her out of jail?

Burstein paints a bleak picture of teenage politics and one girl’s search to fit in and be loved.


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Read the first chapter here

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