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on September 18, 2012

GUYS!!! DEAR CASSIE comes out in sixth months and while I don’t have a cover or blurb to share yet, I thought I would share what I *CAN* tell you about DEAR CASSIE.

Many of you met CASSIE in PRETTY AMY. She is Amy’s tough as nails best friend and DEAR CASSIE gives us a glimpse into what is behind her strong, smart-ass exterior.

I can’t tell you exactly what happens on the book, because it is SHOCKING, like my editor wanted to flip her desk over when she read it shocking. I certainly don’t want to spoil that for readers, but I can tell you she deals with some tough stuff, much tougher than PRETTY AMY even. I can also tell you that her wit and snappy comebacks are as smart as ever. The other thing I can tell you, is that DEAR CASSIE is really a love story.

Here’s a little teaser:

 “Let’s see what you can do Wick,” Ben said, pretending to throw the ball in my face and then catching it. That fucking annoying thing that boys do, that reminds you they are stronger and faster than you are.

I took my position on the court in front of him—my hips wide, my legs shoulder’s width apart. I rocked back and forth ready to do whatever I had to do with that ball to put him in his place.

“Well, look at you,” Ben said, sort of sighing, sort of whistling; definitely surprised that I even knew enough to stand this way.

“I’m going to kick your ass,” I smirked.

“I doubt it,” he said, dribbling the ball between us. Each hit of the pavement, felt like he was moving closer to me. Felt like my heart was bouncing up into my throat.

“My brother’s team at the Y went to the state championship,” I said, my eyes contracting.

“But did he win?” Ben asked, pushing past me with a spin move. He faked me out and took a shot. It sank with a swish.

“Hey cheater,” I yelled to the back of his head. “We didn’t even start yet.”

“I say when we start,” he said, his teeth white in the moonlight.

“Fine,” I said. “1-0. What are we playing to anyway?”

“3,” he said.

“That must mean you’re scared,” I said.

“No,” he said. “I’m going to win anyway, better if I do it quickly.”

“You might as well surrender,” I said.

“You haven’t even done anything yet for me to surrender to,” he said, his voice thick with the word. I could see his eyes. They went right to my lips.

I can also share the song I want to use for the trailer. Of course, like Amy’s trailer it’s Fiona Apple, but this line in the song let me know it was for CASSIE.

“And when I think of it, my fingers turn to fists.”

I will share more news when I have it guys. Until then you can add DEAR CASSIE on Goodreads

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Read the first chapter here

4 responses to “DEAR CASSIE NEWS

  1. OMG!! Getting super excited for this!

  2. ahhh Can’t wait for this to come out 🙂
    So do we stay away from desk while reading? lol

  3. Wow! That’s an awesome scene! 😀 Good job, Lisa. 😀

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