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PRETTY AMY IS 6 MONTHS OLD-Lessons from a debut author

on November 6, 2012

Today PRETTY AMY has been out for 6 months! I can’t believe my little baby book is 6 months old. There are a lot of things I’ve learned during my journey as a debut author that can help you as a writer or an author and I thought I would share them here.

1. You will get negative reviews or rejections. It is inevitable- no one likes everything. The thing to remember is there are people who will like it- WHO WILL LOVE IT.

2. There are so many AMAZING authors and writers out there. Make friends with them.

3. Bloggers, Librarians, Booksellers will be your saviors. They will go out of their way to help you. Make friends with them.

4. Say YES to everything you can. You have no idea what opportunity will be THE opportunity. That means guest blog posts, interviews, book signings, a short piece for the local paper. EVERYTHING!

5. Write and keep writing.

6. Be humble. You are lucky to have made it to wherever you have made it to and you should be thankful to the people who helped you get there.

7. Write and keep writing- this deserves 2 entries.

8. Support other writers and authors. This is a hard life and no one understands it better than someone else who has been in the trenches and still is.

9. READ! You cannot expect to write well without knowing what else is out there. Of course, if you’re a writer hopefully you will love reading.

10. Be positive! You might get a rejection, or a crappy review, or bad sales one day, but you have no idea what might be just around the corner!

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Happy Birthday PRETTY AMY!

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3 responses to “PRETTY AMY IS 6 MONTHS OLD-Lessons from a debut author

  1. Jae says:

    I love this! And thanks for sharing it. Something I’ve loved discovering is this online community of writers, both aspiring and published. There’s a kind of synergy here that makes me determined to keep bettering my writing until I finally make it too.

    And Happy 6-month Birthday, Pretty Amy!!!

  2. Renee Collins says:

    Great post! I’m taking notes. 🙂

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