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Sexy Sentence Sunday- The Next Forever

on January 20, 2013


When I was writing The Next Forever, this is how I pictured the lead hero Joe:

Just wanted to put that in your mind as you read this sexy excerpt from Joe’s point of view in

The Next Forever

Amy was sleeping.

I watched her chest rise and fall under the covers. Her bare shoulder peeked out as white as a full moon.

She was so beautiful when she slept—when it was just her body, blood, bone, breath. I loved her mind, too, don’t get me wrong. Like no one else, she could get into the crevices of mine, but there was also Amy under the spell of sleep—under my spell, in a lot of ways.

My hand ran lightly through her hair. I kissed her forehead, trying to make the dreams inside of it come true.

There were other things I wanted to say, and I’m sure there were other things she wanted to say, but I also knew that our silence was just as important. This thing between us that we had built up over years and years, filled with memories and knowing glances.

Earlier, when we reached the dorm, my hands were all over her before she’d gotten the door to her room closed. I was already absorbed in one of my favorite ways to keep my hands steady, by making her shake, by making her shiver.

“Joe,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

I kissed her words away. “No talking,” I said.

We fell onto her bed. Clothes flying. Her lips started tracing where they had been on my chest and stomach. I stopped her, pulled her chin up, and kissed her neck, her chest, trailing down her stomach with my tongue until I felt her wilt.

This is all I want. She is all I want.

I could tell when we were like this that she felt the same. I knew that if life were as simple as locking her door and ordering takeout, we could stay like that for the rest of our lives. I knew that life wasn’t that simple, but for the next forever maybe it could be.

She flipped me over so I was lying on the bed. She was so strong—or maybe I just let her be. My whole body tensed at the sight of her naked silhouette and the way her skin felt on mine.

Maybe words made things too complicated. Maybe plans made things too boring. I couldn’t help that I wanted to know I would be with her when things got difficult, but I could try to not push her so much. At least with the things I asked of her. While it sometimes seemed like Amy’s words fought against me, her body never did.

And before she slept, her body had been begging for mine. If I was asking her body to be with me forever, then the way it had folded with mine said it was screaming yes, yes, yes.

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4 responses to “Sexy Sentence Sunday- The Next Forever

  1. Christina Kit. says:

    OMG – must read this!! Loved it:) The guy’s awesome too;)

    Will it be available as a physical copy?

  2. Lyn Canterbury says:

    Fantastically sexy, Lisa!!!!

  3. I’m at the part where Amy and Trevor arrive at the party. It’ll be good to envision that image as Joe from this point forward.

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