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Today is an UP day

on January 29, 2014


So last week I was pretty discouraged, wondering about whether I should even be writing…etc. As my brother-in-law who is an aspiring novelist said when he read the post it was “dark”.

Well today is an UP day. A year ago I was honored to be invited to be a part of an essay collection called BREAK THESE RULES with some really super YA and MG authors, like award-winning super, like people I fan-girl over super. I went to work crafting an essay about my struggle with eating disorders as a teen and young adult. It was raw, real, had the kind of slap you in the face truth that I have come to hone as my brand and yesterday I was sent all the reviews our essay collection received.

It was reviewed by all the biggies: Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, School Library Journal and Booklist. Of those four biggie review magazines, my essay was mentioned in two of them!

School Library Journal excerpt: “The essays are inspiring and thought-provoking, and many offer truly funny moments. Reynolds provides an excellent flow between essays. This title could easily be read cover to cover or by individual selection based on theme. There is a nice mix of male and female voices. Especially good are Leslie Connor’s “Don’t Tell Lies,” in which she confesses to actually liking rules; Lisa Burstein’s essay on eating disorders, titled “Don’t Get Fat”; and Chris Barton’s “Go to College After High School,” because it allows readers to think about their options.”

Kirkus Excerpt: “35 writers encourage readers to stop obeying the voices telling them how to think, dress, act and believe. In “Don’t Get Fat,” Lisa Burstein writes about leaving behind the “warped, sick, eating-disordered” frame of mind fed by a voice that is “the mayor of crazy-town.” In “Be Clean!” Gary D. Schmidt tells of rejecting the mind control of a youth pastor trying to save his soul. The best writers here couch their lessons in stories.”

To be called out from this group of authors is beyond AMAZING!

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME and for reminding me why I DO THIS.


3 responses to “Today is an UP day

  1. Jennifer M says:

    Yay!! Congratulations you are simply amazing!

  2. I love winning books of authors I have yet to read.

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