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on February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day Everyone- my gift to you is a sneak peek of Cassie and Ben falling in love all over again in their new novella The Possibility of Us coming in April from Entangled Publishing!

If you met them in Dear Cassie you love them already, if you haven’t met them yet The Possibility of Us (which can be read as a stand alone) will make you swoon for the very first time!

The section below is from both their points of view.


I reached out and took her hand. Put mine around it and attempted to lace our fingers. I didn’t know if she would pull away, tell me to fuck off, or elbow me in the balls, but I had to try.

I had to know one way or the other.

I had to start living with her or dying without her.

Her hand felt warm in mine, as familiar as putting on a favorite sweater after it’s been in your closet all summer.

I wanted to tell her I loved her. I missed her. That now that I had her again I would never let her go, but I had to know if she felt the same way; if she ever could again. Because could was all I needed. I would turn could to would.

Cassie looked at me. Her shockingly blue eyes were wet. I didn’t know if she was crying because we were at a funeral, or for me, or us.

For who we were in California. For who we became after. For who we were now, and for who we could be.

She squeezed my hand, entwined her fingers with mine—a knot of forgiveness. She didn’t say anything after that, she didn’t have to.

At Turning Pines being with Cassie had always been baby steps. It began when she let me hold her hand. Maybe it could start that way again.


When the service was over our hands were still clasped tight— our warm skin and solid bones combined together to make something greater than they were alone.

I looked at them sitting on top of part of each of our legs, linking us. The color of our skin was reminiscent of the petals from the white roses that adorned the coffin, and like a rose our fastened hands were fragile.

What they had the possibility to represent was even more delicate.

“Do you want me to let go now?” Ben asked, rubbing the inside of my palm with his thumb.

It was one of my favorite things about him. It was like he was reminding me he was there.

“Cassie?” he asked, when I didn’t respond. That was Ben. Letting me know if he let go it would be my choice, not his. Letting me know he didn’t want to let go, but wanted to know what I wanted.

I wondered what he saw when he looked at our hands, something breakable like the petals I saw, or perhaps something stronger like a tree taking root.

The Possibility of Us on Goodreads


One response to “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from Ben & Cassie

  1. Thank you for this little sneak peek and it reminds me just how much I loved Ben and Cassie’s story. I definitely have to read Dear Cassie again before The Possibility of Us comes out. Love it!!!

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