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My Self-Publishing Journey & TIPS!

on September 17, 2014



My debut self-published novel AGAIN will be out on Monday. YES THIS MONDAY! The question I get asked most about this book is why I chose to self-publish it. I have a publisher. I will be publishing books with them in the future (hope for an announcement on that soon), so why self-publish?

The main reason: I wanted to try it. Nothing earth shattering there, but I was curious. Interested to see what I could create on my own, with help from hired hands, but yeah- this book is ALL ME. It is funny, heartbreaking, truthful and real and no editor was there to tell me NO.

Additionally, it is extremely hard to categorize what kind of book it is. We all know how that goes when it comes to publishing. It’s from the POV of a 29 year old woman & a 22 year old man. Is it New Adult? Adult? Coming of Age? Over the Hill? I can’t say, and when I had the idea, I didn’t think publishers would be able to either.

It’s also tackles some really heavy topics: alcoholism, adultery, and sexual assault.

I didn’t try to sell AGAIN. I didn’t pitch it to my agent. I wrote it and edited it with the sole purpose of giving readers my truest most uncensored writing and if the early reviews are any indication- I made the right decision.

OKAY enough about me- on to the TIPS:

1. Get your book edited! This is critical. You need an editor, they will help you turn your book into something that is reader ready. I used and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

2. Get an AMAZING cover artist. Good writing sells books, but you know what REALLY does-  a striking cover. I used and I can’t recommend her highly enough!


3. Get your book COPY EDITED! Think of your readers’ experience. If you want it to be the best it can be please, please let someone make sure your book flows okay and is grammatically correct. I used Nancy Cantor and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

4.Give yourself enough time to format and upload. I made sure I had the book to my formatter more than a month ahead of release date and I am glad I did. We had issues. He was amazing and we worked through them all, but we had issues with uploading, etc. Do yourself a favor and give yourself time so you don’t have a heart attack. I used Wyrding Ways Press and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

5. Get your book out there! You need a blog tour. You need a team to help you gather reviews. I am using  and They are both amazing and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

6. Make sure you LOVE your book. I mean LOVE it. Because you are self-publishing you are doing it ALL. So you better believe the hell out of the book you are putting out there. I had to read AGAIN a total of ten times. More than any book I’ve released.

7. Call on your friends. If you have author friends ask for their help promoting and getting the word out. They are invaluable. Just don’t be a pest.

I will be sure to keep you all in the loop as this journey continues. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive thus far. Here we go…






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