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some VERY FUN news

on November 6, 2014

Candy sale

Many of you have already read Sneaking Candy, my most hilarious and sexy book yet. If you haven’t, my publisher was nice enough to put it on SALE for .99 so be sure to pick it up here!

The fun news is that CANDY SLOANE the main character in Sneaking Candy is writing a book. It’s called The Orgasm Virgin and will be out in late February. The even MORE FUN news is that will include an alternate ending to Sneaking Candy, never published anywhere before.

Here’s a little teaser for you guys of The Orgasm Virgin. This book makes me blush like WHOA!

Cameras were fixed on us now as we glanced up at the mansion our mouths and eyes wide, recording as we took in a Spanish style villa with a fountain out front and pool and tennis courts in back. This was the place where I’d conceivably have my very first orgasm via another person.
Luckily, it was eons hotter than the crappy one bedroom apartment I’d left back in Bangor.
“Okay, I think we got that shot.” A guy clapped his hands together and walked out from under the portico to greet us.
“I’m the executive producer of your show Garrett Jacobs,” he said, shaking first my hand, then Allie’s.
“Yes you are,” Allie murmured under her breath, clearly taking in what I had: slicked back brown hair, a muscular frame in a tight black T-shirt and jeans, and a jaw so perfectly squared off it could be used to teach Geometry.
“You probably read all this in your contract Christine,” he said; “but just to reiterate you’ve been signed on for ten episodes. If it goes well and people like the show, we may sign you on for more.”
“Double orgasm?” Allie asked, sliding her sunglasses down her nose.
“Shut up Allie.”
“No, that’s funny,” he glanced at Allie’s fitted, hot pink sun dress. “Keep it up. That’s exactly the kind of humor we’d love to see on camera.”
I heard the crew mumble their agreement.
“Why don’t we just worry about the ten episodes for now,” I said, attempting to cool my face and neck, they were scorching, hotter than any sunburn.
Everyone but Allie seemed to have forgotten why we were here: to get me an orgasm, on film. Not literally on film. It was network TV, but yeah, The Orgasm Virgin was basically a show about getting me laid, well.
“Fair enough, just based on some of the notes from your trip over here,” he eyed the production team, “I’m going to need you to be a lot more sexual. Take your usual level and increase by it a hundred percent”
Super, so instead of being a 0 in the sexy department I’d need to raise that to a 1.


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