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You wrote a book by one of YOUR CHARACTERS?

on February 2, 2015

I’ve been getting some questions about this, so I thought the best way to answer them would be with a blog post.

About a year ago a book titled Sneaking Candy came out.


It was about a creative writing student and erotic romance author. Readers & I fell in love with CANDY.

She was hilarious, sassy, sexy and smart.

I decided I wanted to write a book AS CANDY and The Reality O was born. You don’t have to read Sneaking Candy before you read The Reality O. You actually don’t have to read Sneaking Candy at all, but it is FREE right now if you’d like to. The Reality O is by Candy. It uses her wit and humor and was honestly TOO, TOO, TOO SEXY for me to write as me. I’m not hiding that I’m also Candy, but I did want to differentiate it for my YA and NA readers who aren’t looking for something a bit hotter in the sexy department. This book is erotic romance.


An early Goodreads reviewer says: “Laugh-out-loud funny, smutty, filthy good fun! Witty, comical, and well-written with some smokin’ hot sex scenes.”

EEEP. The cover reveal is Wednesday so watch this space!

You can add it to Goodreads

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