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Why I Released The Reality O Early

on February 23, 2015

You guys know I tell the truth as much as possible so I ain’t gonna lie now. On Social Media you will see me joke that the book released early because my cat pushed a button, or maybe something using the word premature, but the truth is I’m having surgery tomorrow & I’m terrified.

When I set for the book to release Feb 26th, I didn’t know I’d be having surgery. I set my release date four months ago, along with release day launches, tours, etc. Surgery was not on my mind.

I knew my eyesight was suffering, but it’s deteriorating so rapidly we couldn’t wait anymore. It turned out I’d be having surgery two days before my book was set to release.

It’s a routine eye surgery to correct a cloudiness in my lens but I do need to be put under anesthesia and I do need to deal with needles. This would be nerve wracking for anyone, but I have a severe medical procedure phobia. Severe as in I have panic attacks and faint.

Even now I am playing through anxiety inducing scenarios in my mind.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted a little joy before the terror. If any of you suffer from phobias or anxiety, you know when I say terror- I MEAN TERROR.

So I decided to make the day before my surgery a happy day- made more happy with an early release.

The official release day is still Thursday, but I couldn’t help wanting a little distraction…


You can pick it up & give my jangled nerves a smile ❤

Amazon ➜

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